Friday, November 03, 2006

Speedlinking 11/3/06

Morning image is a sunset, a very colorful sunset from Live Science:

Happy Friday!

~ Authors Of Obesity/Gas Consumption Study To Speak At Pittsburgh Meeting Of Operations Researchers.
~ The Invisible Pedestrian Syndrome. It's getting dark earlier, so let's be safe out there.
~ "Shaping America's Youth" Challenges Americans Working To Reduce Childhood Overweight To Participate In Online Registry.
~ A Paleolithic diet confers higher insulin sensitivity, lower C-reactive protein and lower blood pressure than a cereal-based diet in domestic pigs. This is very close tot he diet I recommend to my clients.

~ Mother/Daughter Body Image Perception Differs. While daughters usually see themselves accurately in terms of weight, their mothers tend to be more likely to visualize them as thinner than they are.
~ Use Of Diet Pills By Teenage Girls Doubles Over Five-year Span, New Study Shows. More importantly: 62.7 percent of teenage females use "unhealthy weight control behaviors" and 21.9 percent of teenage females use "very unhealthy weight control behaviors."
~ Janet Hyde and Marcia Linn on the Psychological Similarity between Men and Women.
Adults Who Go To Bed Lonely Get Stress Hormone Boost Next Morning. Stress hormones makes us fatter, weaker, and less healthy.
~ From Lin Jensen at Tricycle, Ordinary Mind.
~ From Aaron at Anxious Living, How I Progress.
~ Tim Boucher at Pop Occulture Blog posts Metro-Spirituality Magazine Interview in which he answers some questions on the topic of metrospirituality.

~ Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! A treat for all fans, including a goth version of "Teen Spirit."
~ Maureen Dowd offers America's Anchors: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert faked it until they made it.
~ U.S. needs "sexual literacy", ex-surgeon generals say. U.S. efforts to promote abstinence as a cornerstone of sexual education have not lowered levels of sexually transmitted diseases, two former U.S. surgeon generals said on Thursday.
~ Study shows why the young may shun condoms. Social and cultural factors, not just unavailability or ignorance, influence why young people do not use condoms, researchers said on Friday.
~ Fathers Influence Child Language Development More Than Mothers. This study reverses what most would consider common knowledge.
~ From ~C4Chaos, SHOUT OUT: Seed Funding for Social Entrepreneurs. Check it out.

~ Residents Of Mostly Black Neighborhoods More Likely To Consider Themselves In Poor Health, Study Finds.
~ Taxing climate change: A penny a mile?
~ Climate change economics. Sir Nicholas Stern, has presented a detailed cost-benefit analysis of climate change mitigation and adaptation to the government of England.
~ From Mother Jones, The Thirteenth Tipping Point. So what will it take to trigger what we might call the 13th tipping point: the shift in human perception from personal denial to personal responsibility?
~ David Quammen chats about evolution, science, religion, and his new book. I like this guy.
~ Bird flu outruns the vaccines. The H5N1 virus has evolved into a new strain, and this time nearly three times as many birds are infected.

And that's a wrap. There might be an update over the weekend, or I might just choose to be lazy and watch an awful lot of football.

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