Friday, November 03, 2006

In Praise of Saving the Hubble Telescope

Earlier this week it was announced that NASA will repair the Hubble telescope and keep it in service. YAHOO!!

In honor of that wise decision, here are a couple of the 100 best Hubble photos:

I can' t imagine my world without the images that Hubble has brought us over the years. They have changed how I look at the sky when I am outside at night. They have changed how I conceive of our small planet within this vast Kosmos.


Paul799 said...

What sequence of events happen after a star explodes?
Do you know?

WH said...

sorry, I don't know.

argus said...

It depends on the size of the star.
Very small stars just burn out.
Stars like our sun will nova and produce a planetary nebula with a tiny white dwarf star at the center.
Larger stars (oh say 8 times more massive) will supernova and turn into a pulsar/neutron star.
Really massive stars will supernova in grand fashion and turn into a black hole.

Then there's all sorts of other exotica between these phases or when two stars are near each other when they die, but those are the primary types of stellar death. :)

GOOOOO Hubble!!!!