Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Speedlinking 10/31/06

Because it's Halloween today, here is the Halloween Tree:

~ Smoking: Exercise, Stress And Second Hand Smoke. Getting involved in exercise can help you quit smoking. And it's really good for you.
~ Obese Children More Likely To Be Admitted For Asthma.
~ Cold Viruses and Gyms. Aside from daycare and elementary school, there is probably no less sterile place on the planet than a gym. Once the flu gets going -- and we've already been hit here in the desert -- it keeps going round and round. Stay home people!
~ Milk thistle may help diabetics. Another natural solution to add to cinnamon, alpha lipoic acid, chromium, and the others.

~ Sad people 'energetic in morning'. People who go to bed feeling lonely and sad wake up with a surge of energy-boosting hormones, a US study has suggested.
~ Erotic Images Prove Useful In Coaxing Out Unconscious Brain Activity. This explains a lot about men. We can see erotic images without any conscious awareness -- it's like a sixth sense.
~ 'Dying to be thin' special report on eating disorders.
~ Elephant Self-Awareness Mirrors Humans. How cool that we are finally learning that other animals have interiors.
~ Ryan Oelke at Anxious Living posts Social Anxiety and the Physical Environment.
~ Steve Pavlina thinks we might be on the verge of a consciousness revolution. Like all of those who think the world is ripe for a revolution in consciousness (Chopra, Wilber, at al), I highly recommend a trip to a Third World nation for a few days.
~ CJ Smith of Indistinctunion takes a look at the integral critics in integralisms.

~ How to Separate Your Kids From Halloween Candy. Like separating a hyena from its kill.
~ South Dakota's Abortion Ban Is A Threat To Women's Health. I don't much like abortion, but I will never support removing a woman's right to choose.
~ Do Halloween Psychos Marginalize Mental Illness? Does pretending to be Jason or some other crazed killer marginalize real mental illness? Is this juts more political correctness thinking?
~ Why We Love to be Scared.
~ Humans and Neanderthals Might Have Interbred.
~ A Commune for Grownups. A place where seniors can live together and seek spiritual growth sounds cool.
~ From Beliefnet, readers share ghost stories and pictures in Ghosts and Spirits and Angels, Oh My!

~ KFC drops trans fats as NYC probes ban. If they can do it, any and all fast foods places can do it -- and they're the worst offenders.
~ Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species. God forbid we should protect some of the species we are forcing into extinction.
~ Biomimetic Ocean Power. A new player in the alternative energy marketplace.
~ "Dinosaur Killer" Asteroid Only One Part of New Quadruple-Whammy Theory. "The dinosaurs were killed not by a lone asteroid strike but by the quadruple whammy of global climate change, massive volcanism, and not one but two gigantic collisions."

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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