Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Speedlinking 11/1/06

It's still Halloween night as I begin this post, so here is an image in keeping with the mood of the day:

So, then, happy Tuesday.

~ Regular Exercise Helps Obese Youths Reduce, Reverse Risk For Heart Disease, Study Shows. Whatever happened to kids playing instead of playing video games?
~ Health Tip: Watch Your Child's Sugar Intake. Really?
~ From T-Nation: The Rule of 90%. Working with weights at or above 90% of your 1RM leads to better strength, lean mass, and performance.
~ Also from T-Nation, a Q & A with one of the world's premier strength coaches, Question of Strength.

~ Divorced Women Have More Illness. Study Says Divorced Women Suffer Chronic Stress, More Illness.
~ Breastfeeding Boosts Mental Health. Infants breast fed for more than six months have significantly better mental health in childhood.
~ Music may ease symptoms of schizophrenia.
~ Black suicide attempts worse than thought. New study upends the myth that black suicides are rare because of a mind-set that took hold during slavery.
~ Survivors Of Organized Violence Often Left With Traumatic Memories: Victims Of Torture Found To Have Permanent Mental Trauma.

~ Churches Aim To Help African-Americans Improve Their Diet And Fitness.
~ Losing Virginity at Younger Ages? Not So, Global Sex Survey Finds. Other info from the study: "Monogamy is the dominant sexual pattern globally. Married individuals--which constitute most people studied--have the most sex. Men report having engaged in sex with more partners than women in a given year. Instances of males with multiple partners, however, were more frequent in industrialized nations, Wellings says, than in places such as Africa, where sexual health education is relatively unsophisticated."
~ Real Live Halloween (Satanic!) Monsters Uncovered!
~ Nightmares, Demons And Slaves: Study Explores Painful Metaphors Of Workplace Bullying.
~ Exposure To "Thin-Idea" Media Affecting Women's Standards Of Body Image. Female undergraduates who viewed advertisements displaying ultra-thin women exhibited increases in body dissatisfaction, negative mood, levels of depression and lowered self-esteem.
~ 20 artworks to see before you die -- from the Guardian. Move cursor over image for info. Very cool.
~ New Theory on What Got the Oracle of Delphi High.

~ Is Credit Card Debt Bad For Your Health? The credit card industry is bad news for many Americans.
~ On greenhouse gas intensity. Bush's people try to confuse us into thinking they are working to solve the problem.
~ Stern Review: How Climate Change is Revolutionizing Economics.
~ Sustainable Innovation 06: Resilience.
~ Stefan Merten on Peer Production and the monetary economy.

That's all folks.

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