Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Been a While

It's interesting how current events in our lives can trigger memories of similar events from the past. Lately, I've been thinking about some women I used to know -- one in particular. This old Staind song speaks to the time in my life when I knew her.


Anonymous said...

And she rears in my mind again - hot, never cold.

Fiery lady, of creative fire, she eats me, and I glory in it. We sing, we play instruments, we glory in our creativity. Fierce arguments over truth, and beauty, and God, yet it was never enough/always too much.

We approach the world, with hurt and passion, hatred and love, and we make love, in the same way.

Gouges in my back. Blood on the walls. The glorious destruction, the making up, the fights, the oneness in conflict that bound us, made us inseparable, left us ashes...

We flamed, gloriously, and we were thus annihilated.

her cuts on her wrists, an essential sign. Of glorious self-immolation, that we craved, that gave us life.

I dream of her again, eating me, eating my cock, looking up at me, a bloody grin on her face, bits of flesh in her mouth, fierce delight and longing in her eyes.

Such joyful destruction, such joyful destruction.

and she destroys me.

william harryman said...

Nice riff. Fits well with the mood of the song.

Was this a free-form writing session where you just let it out?

Thanks for adding to the discussion.


ebuddha said...

Yep, free form.