Monday, October 30, 2006

Nickleback: "Figured You Out"

Sometimes I need a good cathartic song/video -- the angrier the better. Nickleback's "Figured You Out" is one of my favorite rage songs right now. It's a bit misogynist, so pass this over if that kind of music offends you.

I used to date girls like this when I was young and stupid.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know this, but almost any Linkin Park song will work just great for those times. It's amazing that one group can have so many really great songs covering one topic.

william harryman said...

I agree. And NIN, too.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, it was like I wrote that! Well, except the part about dating girls like that... Such a great violent and misogynistic song. Love it, but then again- I ain't right!