Thursday, November 09, 2006

Speedlinking 11/9/06

Morning image is by Bob Jones:

Damn, that's a nice image to start my day with.

~ From T-Nation: "Shifting Tension: Is it possible to put more stress on certain parts of a muscle?" by Christian Thibaudeau. This is for hardcore lifters.
~ From iVillage: A Waistline-Friendly Thanksgiving.
~ Low-carb diet doesn't raise heart risk. This is going to be one of those things, like creatine, that will keep being studied long after we already know it works and is safe.
~ Did Modern Humans Get a Brain Gene from Neandertals?
~ Brain Pathway Brings Order to Visual Chaos.

~ Small Goals Will Keep The Weight Off. If you've been struggling to stay with a diet, set your goals lower and then keep attacking those goals.
~ Neuron Cell Stickiness May Hold Key To Evolution Of The Human Brain.
~ Life-Like Color Pictures Aid Children's Learning. "Parents who engage in the age-old tradition of picture-book reading are not only encouraging early reading development in their children but are also teaching their toddlers about the world around them, according to a study in the November issue of Developmental Psychology."
~ Spiritual Rules for How to Break Up. Good advice from Thomas Moore. Damn it, I like this guy against all my better judgment.
~ Stuart Davis is down with the Pre-Conventional Joy of Breaking Shit. I hear that, feel that, live that.

~ Coalition of the slimming agrees to fight flab. "The world's first international charter for tackling obesity, involving 53 nations, will be unveiled in Istanbul, Turkey, later this month."
~ Issue Brief Examines Racial, Ethnic Disparities In Health Care. "The brief finds that although disparities are diminishing, they still exist; that there are opportunities for the health care sector to decrease disparities; and that availability of information about health care disparities is improving."
~ Honesty: The Need for Social Disapproval of Dishonesty.
~ Google Earth, Satellite Maps Boost Armchair Archaeology.
~ The Santorum legacy -- not for the easily offended or the easily queazy.
~ The Rich Aren't Republican Anymore: How Democrats won the election by stealing wealthy voters from the GOP.

~ Mental Health Problems Threaten Race For Economic Growth. 'The study: "Mental Capital: a preliminary study into the psychological dimension of economic development," was commissioned by the Dutch Council for Health Research.'
~ Kenyan Nobel Prize Winner Launches Campaign to Plant One Billion Trees in 2007.
Conservation Groups Challenge Bush Administration Denial of Protection for Arizona's Bald Eagles.
Exploding U.S. Grain Demand For Automotive Fuel Threatens World Food Security And Political Stability.
~ Indigenous Group in Brazil Granted Largest Tropical Forest Certification in the World by the Forest Stewardship Council.
Governing Climate Change : Can Regional, State and Voluntary Approaches Do the Job?

~ From
Edward Berge at Open Integral: Postmetaphysical Thinking 4: Enter the Dragon.
~ From Clint, KW's personal assistant: Adventures in Practice: I Hate the Witness.
~ Andrew Cohen answers the question, What Is Enlightenment Anyway?

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