Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-Election Humor

This is from The New Republic online:
by Michael Currie Schaffer
Only at TNR Online | Post date 11.09.06

Insta-analysis is supposed to be the stuff of bloggers, blowhards, and the poor schleps who man the overnight election broadcast on CNN--not the publishing industry. But that didn't stop the entire country from swallowing the quickie takes on the last couple of elections. And, since extrapolating from extraordinarily close results in distant states proved so fun and profitable last time, why not overinterpret again in the wake of Tuesday's Democratic victories? A selection of the political books you should expect to see between now and 2008:

A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Liberal Republican. The 2006 elections proved one thing definitively: Today's Republican Party can no longer compete in all 50 states. Republicans were wiped out across the former slaveless states of the North, including once-solid parts of Ohio, upstate New York, and New Hampshire. In this rueful memoir, a folksy Yankee Republican tells of how he no longer feels at home in his own party--and offers advice for what the GOP must do to rebuild its presence across the nation.

What's the Matter with the Main Line? How Liberals Won the Brow of America. In 2006, three Republican candidates in the wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia were in danger of being swept out of office. The districts now represented by Joe Sestak, Lois Murphy, and Patrick Murphy were once the prototypical GOP constituencies--rich, preppy, and dedicated to keeping their hard-earned money out of the grubby hands of social-welfare schemers. In this trenchant history, a conservative intellectual firebrand describes how the Democrats cleverly used wedge social issues to turn these natural Republicans against their class interests.

Rebel in the Speaker's Seat: Inside the Bold and Controversial Speakership of Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi's successes all go back to the House speaker's unique and visionary leadership style. The author, a liberal journalist and TV personality, describes Pelosi as an "insurgent leader" and "an alien in the realm of the governing class." The book explains how Pelosi revels in her status as "a revolutionary with a revolutionary vision." Though she is disdained by the capital's media elite, the author expresses confidence that her wise and thoughtful style will usher in world-historical changes.
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