Friday, November 10, 2006

Speedlinking 11/10/06

Morning image is the Beauty of Fall:

Happy Friday!

~ From T-Nation: On-The-Go Nutrition.
~ The Skinny on Low-Carb: Eat More Vegetables. Excellent advice, as long as you get the needed protein to fuel weight loss.
~ Diabetes Kills 3.16M a Year Worldwide -- the article also has two ways to beat type-II diabetes.
~ More on diabetes: Lifestyle changes shown to cut risk of diabetes. Just in case you've been in a coma for the last ten years.
~ More diabetes related news: High blood sugar levels add to heart, stroke deaths.
~ Comprehensive Model Is First To Map Protein Folding At Atomic Level. Geek stuff, but very cool.

~ Negative Ads and Adaptation. Maybe the negative political ads failed this time around because of saturation that produced adaptation.
~ Space-Time Metaphors In Nonlinguistic Contexts. A follow-up on the first article, which generated good discussion.
~ What Makes Us Stick To Our Bad Habits? "Because, says a University of Alberta researcher, we aren't getting at the underlying reasons of why we persist in bad habits or risky behavior."
~ The neuroscience of speaking in tongues -- an article on the recent NYT article.
~ Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power -- 10 ways to lift yourself up when a spiritual leader lets you down. By Valerie Reiss at

~ Witch doctors in America. A look at the glossolalia -- "speaking in tongues" -- article from the New York Times.
~ Chew on This: Pre-Humans Enjoyed Extensive Menu.
~ Interview with Agnes Meyer-Brandis, installation artist.
~ The Nation's John Nichols: Measuring the Mandate.
~ Lauren Sandler at Salon looks at how evangelicals have Lost faith in the GOP. They voted in large numbers again (up 1% from 2004), but they didn't vote a straight GOP ticket this time.
~ It’s the War, Stupid—And the Youth Vote, And Angry Indies, And . . . . A congressional-elections expert explains why the Democrats' big election win doesn't necessarily add up to a nationwide shift to the left.

~ "Light" cigarette marketing snuffed out in Canada. Wonder if the US will ever get out from under the thumb of the tobacco industry.
~ The resurgence of the $2 bill.
~ Money Matters: A look at spending in this election cycle.
~ The Value of a New York Dollar (And why it’s worth only 76.2 cents).
~ GM To Unveil A New Electric Car.
~ Transit for Livable Communities.
~ Redefining Success: A New Approach to Business at Integrative Spirituality.

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