Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Man Behind Zaadz

[image from Brian's page at Zaadz]

The recent post by Tom of Blogmandu on his feelings about Zaadz prompted me to do a little more digging into who Brian Johnson is. I found out that I had been one of his eteamz customers when I lived in Seattle. And I found Think Arete, a site he founded before Zaadz.

Think Arete is philosophy and more. Go have a look around. You'll get a sense of who Brian is and what motivates him. Some people may feel that Zaadz is simply a capitalist venture to make money off of "squishy Lefty" folks, but I think that Brian is not motivated simply by money. He has that, and lots of it.

For those who subscribe to Integral Naked, Brian will be in conversation with Ken Wilber on Monday (not sure when it will air). This will be a good opportunity to see where Johnson's heart-mind is as it relates to an integral worldview. If you want to suggest topics for conversation, stop by Brian's blog and leave a comment (soon).

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