Thursday, May 25, 2006

Andrew Cohen Has Said Wise Things

[from Ashes and Snow]

I don't like Andrew Cohen. I tend to think he is an ego-bound ass -- too narcissistic for me. But he has written some wise things, and here is an example.

What happened to turn this man into the one debated over Zaadz? Fame? Broken Heart? Enlightenment? A marketing director? Who knows.

There is a place in all of us that has remained innocent, uncorrupted and untouched by the world. We have to locate that most delicate place. It is a very sensitive place, it's where we feel love - where tenderness and compassion arise, free from self-interest.

This place is the hole we have to fall into - and disappear in forever.

~ from "Enlightenment is a Secret" By Andrew Cohen

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