Thursday, May 25, 2006

Andrew Cohen Has Said Wise Things

[from Ashes and Snow]

I don't like Andrew Cohen. I tend to think he is an ego-bound ass -- too narcissistic for me. But he has written some wise things, and here is an example.

What happened to turn this man into the one debated over Zaadz? Fame? Broken Heart? Enlightenment? A marketing director? Who knows.

There is a place in all of us that has remained innocent, uncorrupted and untouched by the world. We have to locate that most delicate place. It is a very sensitive place, it's where we feel love - where tenderness and compassion arise, free from self-interest.

This place is the hole we have to fall into - and disappear in forever.

~ from "Enlightenment is a Secret" By Andrew Cohen

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Anonymous said...

One of the biggest orientation shifts as one moves from green to yellow is, in my opinion, the transformation of the obsession green has with exposing flaws (and therefore discrediting the system/person): often, that's one's whole paralyzed modus vivendi. Yellow is obsessed simply with what works, regardless of the source. I bet the green in you immediately sees the problem(s) with that approach, right? And yet, for all its potential flaws (yellow is still evolving, too, after all), it's still infinitely more functional than the alternative.

Kai in NYC

WH said...

Actually, or strangely, depending on how you want to look at it, I'm sympathetic with the Yellow view in this area. I really dislike Cohen, but I don't reject some of what teaches or his magazine simply because he is an ass. In the Zaadz discussion, and in the aftermath of the Gafni mess, a lot of people dismissed WIE because Cohen founded it and still manages it to an extent. I think that is silly. It's a great magazine sometimes. If you don't like Cohen, skip his articles. When I read the column he does with Ken Wilber, I skim whatever egocentric crap he might happen to be spouting. But every once in a while, he says something very insightful.

So the Green in me thinks he's an idiot. But the emerging Yellow cherry picks whatever is useful.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was using the general "you" not the you-you, if you know what I mean. I do the same when reading WIE. If we chuck everyone/thing once a flaw is uncovered, what'll be left????

Kai in NYC