Saturday, April 08, 2006

Poetry Month Round-Up #2

I posted a collection of links to poems appearing on Buddhist and integral blogs earlier this week, but there have been several more since then. So here is an update. As long as you keep posting, I'll keep collecting links.

Green Clouds is doing a daily poem, with audio no less. He also adds some commentary on the poems. I've been working with haiku as time allows, and some others have posted haiku and senryu. Woodmoor Village, where Nacho started this meme, is also posting poetry almost daily.

Green Clouds: Poetry Meme: Causes, Conditions and ‘The Smile’
Woodmoor Village: a nice haiku
The Daily Goose: "When We Make Art"
Green Clouds: Merely Remembering You (Kensho!)
Green Clouds: It’s not you
Whiskey River: a poem by Nadja Van Ghelue
Stacey at Seeking Enlightenment posts some senryu, and one more
Woodmoor Village: 'Gospel of Judas' & Poetry Meme V
Kathy at Bamboo Shade posted "Just Think" by Robert Service (with a very cool raven picture)
Green Clouds posted Poetry meme 5 and Poetry meme 6

So that's it for the last few days. If I missed you, please drop me a note in the comments or email me.

And please note I am posting something poetry related each day (either my own or someone else's).

If you haven't been infected by the poetry meme yet, give it a try -- it's good for the soul.


Sophia said...

Poetry is contagious. Now that the sun is out and the warm air is among us, I will probably be even more inspired than usual to write.

Anonymous said...