Monday, April 03, 2006

new haiku

Some guy named Jim Hawkins has a bunch of bird songs on his website. Here is the song of a Red Cardinal if you have never heard it.

loud cardinal
roams fence post to orange blossoms
morning light

[image source]


Anonymous said...

You should check out, which is the website of the preeminent haiku journal in English. I think you'll find it interesting and instructive to see what today's best haiku poets get up to in their poetry. In particular, there's an extremely terse form of the haiku in English, which many feel is a better equivalent of Japanese conciseness than 5/7/5: 3/4/3. You have to see a bunch of poems in that style to really grasp the possibilities otherwise the syllable limit seems too daunting. Check it out.

Kai in NYC

william harryman said...

Thanks, Kai, I'll check out that site. I don't like the strict 5-7-5 thing too much. Most of the experts say it's too many syllables for what the form is aiming for. I'll give the 3-4-3 a try, sounds hard.