Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mark Vernon - The Evolution of Consciousness (The Institute of Art and Ideas)


Cool video talk from philosopher, author, blogger Mark Vernon from the 2012 How the Light Gets In Conference sponsored by The Institute of Art and Ideas.

An Author and ex-clergyman, Mark Vernon is now agnostic. He’s written books on friendship, well-being, God, spirituality, science and the philosophy of the everyday. His articles and reviews on religious, philosophical and ethical themes have appeared in many newspapers and magazines. He has degrees in physics, theology and a PhD in philosophy, and regularly contributes to debates and festivals, also teaching at The Idler Academy in London.

He is the author of several books, including How To Be An Agnostic (2011), What Not to Say: Philosophy for Life's Tricky Moments (2009), and 42: Deep Thought on Life, the Universe, and Everything (2008) [gotta love a philosopher who pays homage to Douglas Adams in his book title]. 

Here are links to all of Mark Vernon's videos at the IAI: Sex Machines, Buddhists in Suburbia, Gods and Monsters, How to be Agnostic, and The Evolution of Consciousness.

The Evolution of Consciousness

Mark Vernon

We understand that our bodies evolve, but does consciousness evolve too? Mark Vernon investigates the transformative ideas of Owen Barfield.

"Thoughtful, accessible, lucid" ~ Julian Baggini
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