Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Mind Report - New From has a new podcast, The Mind Report, hosted by philosopher Joshua Knobe of Yale University. The first talk is cool, so this is a show I will be checking in on regularly.

The Mind Report: Joshua Knobe (Yale University) and David G. Rand (Harvard University)

On the premiere of The Mind Report, Joshua talks to Dave about his research on whether people are innately selfish or cooperative. It seems intuitive that thoughtful people would be kinder—but is this so? What's the psychology behind being nice or mean to a stranger? Joshua and Dave analyze whether cooperation is part of human nature or mediated by culture. Could Americans teach cynical Romanians to be more cooperative? Finally, they consider the true source of our values.

Here is a list of Rand's research interests, many of the papers are available as PDFs.

Publications by Topic 
  1. Experiments on social behaviors and beliefs
  2. Evolutionary game theory / complex systems models
  3. Crowdsourcing behavioral experiments using online labor markets
  4. Science of science
  5. Behavioral genetics
  6. Commentaries / popular press
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