Friday, December 01, 2006

IOC Traffic Stats

Well, it appears that getting the tag issue fixed with the Blogger folks has seriously increased my traffic. Around mid-month (when they fixed the problem), my traffic jumped from an average of 100 unique visits a day to nearly 200 for the last week of the month. On the downside, the average visit length has fallen from nearly 4 minutes to just over 2.5 minutes, so many people are getting here through searches and not staying long.

On the Monday after the Michael Richards story broke, IOC had its biggest day ever with more than 450 visits (thanks Technorati!). This isn't much for some sites, and even at Raven's View I had several days with 1,500 or more visits. Still, it's nice to see IOC continue to grow.

The month of November in 2005 saw around 1,080 visits. This year that number has jumped to around 5,300. My previous best month was around 3,150 -- during the Wyatt Earpy mess and the Gafni problem. So things have certainly been hopping.

Thanks to everyone who visits on a regular basis. I know a lot of my visits are Google searches and Technorati searches, so I value the loyal readers who come back often and leave comments.

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