Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Speedlinking 11/28/06

This morning's image is our very own Milky Way:

~ 76% Of Workers Older Than 60 Years Of Age Are Overweight Or Obese.
~ Supervised Exercise Improves Mental Wellbeing Of Obese Teenagers.
~ Study Identifies Genes And Mutations Associated With Exercise Traits.
~ Health Tip: Seniors Need Exercise. This falls into the "keen sense of the obvious" category.
~ Creatine: Will it prevent muscle loss with aging? Ignore the scare info in this ignorant article -- creatine is actually needed in older men for weight training to have any benefit -- about 5 grams a day.

~ The Myth of Thomas Szasz. A look at the influence -- and lack thereof -- of this critic of the mental health field.
~ "Six Views of Embodied Cognition".
~ Improving Psychological Well-being In Schools. A New Preventive Strategy.
~ Using the Mind to Cure the Body.
~ From Dashh: Mindfulness-Based Approaches.
~ Ego is just a word.

~ Survey Results Name Top 20 Trends In Health And Fitness Industry.
~ Native Americans Have Health Disparity.
~ Scientism, huh? A harsh critique of Dawkins and other fundamentalist scientists.
~ Ecosexuals. "Ecosexuals are an evolving breed of city dweller for whom keeping green is every bit as important in their romantic life as in their choice of household cleanser, dinner food, or wall paint."
~ Portrait of an Open Marriage. Good luck with that.
~ Unspooling 'Unschooling'. Where was "unschooling when I was a kid?

~ Deep-Sea Eruption Detected in Progress.
~ The brain of the humpback whale contains “human” neurons.
~ Scientists: Climate Change Clues in Sky.
~ Can foreign aid work?
~ High court to hear global warming case.
~ Energy Firms Come to Terms With Climate Change.

~ This isn't really integral, but check out Beliefnet's Most Inspiring Person of 2006 and vote. No one really stands out this year, but I'm leaning toward the Amish.
~ More on I-I hiring a "new" CEO: Integral Institute–CEO Drama?
~ ebuddha offers a link: Using Integral in Helping the Homeless.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that creatine article is seriously stupid. You should put up what's-his-face's article from t-nation as a counterbalance.

Kai in NYC