Thursday, November 30, 2006

Speedlinking 11/30/06

This morning's image is called "Misty Morning:"

~ From T-Nation, 50 Tips for Serious Athletes.
~ New Advice: Don't Sit Up Straight. Looks like a 135-degree angle is better than 90 degrees.
~ Why French red is best for the heart.
~ Are Organic Foods Better for You? Industry mis-uses the word to trick consumers.

~ Brains Respond Better To Name Brands, MRI Shows. We've been brain-washed.
~ Analyzing Body Language.
~ Heart Attack-Related Depression Puts Patients At Risk For Further Cardiovascular Emergencies.
~ Problems with Workplace Stress Continue to Grow.
~ Genes, Experiences Determine A Person's Ability To Bounce Back. The whole mind-body thing is more complex than we had ever imagined.
~ Churchgoers Breathe Easier. Faith might improve health.

~ Sam Harris and Dennis Prager are going at it -- and they've taken off the gloves by the second day -- over atheism and faith, one email a day. Harris is rocking it.
~ Transcending Death: An interview with Darren Aronofsky, director of The Fountain.
~ 10 films the US Government would rather you not see.
~ Is Iraq Headed for Genocide? Civil war or not, some human rights experts say Iraq is showing precursor signs of genocide.
~ Merry Christmas, Bill O'Reilly! The annual war on x-mas is back.

~ Living in an Urban Cactus. Cool looking building.
~ Can Energy Efficiency Be as Sexy as Solar?
~ Global Warming Already Causing Extinctions, Scientists Say.
~ Global Warming Could Disrupt GPS Satellites, Study Says.
~ What different parts of the world eats in one week.

~ Updates on the I-I CEO fluff up: ~C4Chaos weighs in, Paul Salamone is no longer at I-I, check the comments from an earlier post at Paul's blog for some reaction.
~ From Tom at Thoughts Chase Thoughts: The Emergence of “Mindful Politics” and the Candidacy of Barack Obama for President.
~ At Ken Wilber's blog: HERE AT LAST! INTEGRAL POLITICS. . . Is anyone else not looking forward to another Wilber "novel"? Fiction ain't his thing. What ever happened to the clear clean writing of Eye of Spirit or Integral Psychology?
~ Integral Theory into Integral Action, Part 1; Integral Theory into Integral Action, Part 2; A conversation with Mark Edwards & Russ Volckmann.


Tom said...

Thanks for the link, kind Bill.

Joe Perez said...

I think I must be the only integral blogger out there who actually (gulp) LIKED Boomeritis. I identified with the protagonist. It stretched my notion of what a "novel" should be. Note that Boomeritis was advertised as fiction. Integral Politics, says the KW blog, is a "non-fiction novel."