Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cool Site: Reconstruction

Another cool site I found while browsing some of the social bookmarking pages was Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. This is definitely post-modern in its approach, but I found some of the topics interesting. They tend toward theme issues, so the current issue is on blogging.

Here are some past issues:

Volume 6, number 1 (2006): The Play's the Thing: Games, Gamers and Gaming Cultures

Volume 5, number 3 (2005): Rhetorics of Place

Volume 5, number 2 (2005): Reconstructing Media

Volume 4, number 3 (2004): Posthumanous

Volume 2, number 3 (2002): Autobiogeography

That should give you a feel for the geek factor of these articles. Unfortunately, there is no RSS feed so you'll just have to check back from time to time to look at new issues, which seem to be about four a year.

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