Saturday, October 14, 2006

Speedlinking 10/14/06

~ Morning image today is from Pedro Mag of Portugal.

I want to try something a little different with the links this morning, just for the hell of it -- and because it's Saturday and I have more time.


~ iVillage has a calories burned calculator that can estimate the effectiveness of your exercise.
~ Kim and Bob, the trainers from the Biggest Loser, are offering weight loss tips.
~ Dr. Joseph Mercola posts a study that links eating chicken to antibiotic resistance. Always try to eat natural, drug-free chicken (and other meats, as well).


~ Kalsang Dorje of The-universe-is-all-in-your-head takes a look at ego & death.
~ Mugo at Moving Mountains takes a look at Beating Karma? He's discussing a popular TV show that sort of deals with karma.
~ Jay at The Zero Boss wrote an excellent post on what came up for him after receiving an invitation to a high school reunion.
~ Ronald Cowen at MyInsights posts on Intersubjective Psychotherapy.
~ Bill at Oaksong's Nemeton offers up another personality quiz.


~ Lin Jensen of Tricycle blogs on How Civilization is Made.
~ CJ Smith of Indistinctunion has Some Further Thoughts on Benedict & Latin Mass.
~ Sean at Deep Surface likes Family Circus - Vastly Improved -- must be the Nietzsche thing.
~ Joe Perez of Until has something to say On the term Christianists.
~ The Zero Boss, among others, takes a look at new allegations that Bush isn't overly fond of the evangelicals he manipulates whenever Rove gets a wild hare up his arse.
~ Will at is thinking about The Meaning of the Meaning of Life.


~ Ken Wilber's blog has posted the Foreword to Fred Kofman's Conscious Business.
~ P2P Foundation offers Links for 2006-10-13 [].
~ More from P2P Foundation: Democratizing the state, rather than smashing it, Is there a P2P approach to the state?, YouTube: How videos are signs, watching is social
~ Grist links to an energy economist's seven-point prescription for using energy more efficiently.
~ The Globalist has a good post on Society and Globalization -- it's a fact sheet of sorts.

And that'll do it. If you like the new format, please drop me a note -- and if you hate the new format, please drop me a note.

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