Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm a Parody!

Big Red Buddha is making fun of me and one of my posts. That's pretty dang cool.

Integral Buddhist Recovering
Written by Miso

Berryman treated for injuries

Tucson, Arizona, Integral Buddhist practitioner Bill Berryman is recovering in an area hospital after unwisely integrating his daily meditation regime with mixed martial arts.

"On the surface, meditation and mixed martial arts seemed a entirely valid hypothetical synthesis of cognitive and non-cognitive pan-cultural awareness-seeking," explained Berryman. "In practice, though, I totally got my ass kicked. I think I lost a tooth."

Berryman is unwilling to discuss the precise circumstances which led to his injuries, which doctors say ranged from a mild concussion to several cracked ribs.

"No, no: it's all too embarrassing," said Berryman. "It's back to yoga for me."
The post they are riffing on is from a while back. Still, it's cool to be the target of some good fun.

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