Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speedlinking 10/12/06

There's a lot of good stuff to read out there, so I'll try to hit the highlights.

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~ Image of the day is "Serenity" by Alex Teselsky.

~ In a concession to traditionalists, Pope May Loosen Latin Mass Restrictions. I like the old Latin Mass -- when I was a kid, the Church my father sent us to still did Latin Mass sometimes (in spite of Vatican II) and it always felt magical.

~ Apu: America's Favorite Hindu. Gotta love the Simpsons.

~ Matthew Dallman posts AGAINST SULLIVAN'S "CHRISTIANIST" ARGUMENT. This post is in opposition to equating fundamentalist Christians with fundamentalist Muslims by using terms like "Christianist." Important topic to explore . . . .

~ Bodhiwater of Ambhoja...... water born ... seeking light posts a blurb and the trailer to a new movie coming out soon: Film: The Giant Buddhas.

~ Aaron at Anxious Living has a nice post on Social Anxiety and Self-Esteem, a topic near to my heart. I see a very strong correlation between self-esteem and social anxiety in my own life.

~ Joe Perez at Until took issue with my Random Thoughts on Spiral Dynamics post -- this is his reply, also left in the comments on my blog. I hope to respond later today.

~ Joe also posts on A few notes on standardizing integral terminology, in which he says he will adopt Wilber's newest terminology. This is a sticky area for many of us who are moving away from the jargon so as to make integral theory more accessible to the non-initiated and less bogged down in sectarianism.

~ Some other linkfests:
* He's Just Had Coffee
* P2P Foundation

~ Problogger offers 10 tips to increase comments.

~ Some environmental news:
* Here in Tucson, bats seem to be draining hummingbird feeders.
* National Geographic offers a video tour of Florida's Suwannee River, which faces increasing threats.
* Grist takes a look at E.O. Wilson's new book, The Creation, in an article called God vs. Science.

~ Some health news:
* Decaf 'does not mean caffeine-free'. Why would anyone want decaf in the first place? Mmmmmm, caffeine.

Okay, that is all I have this morning.

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