Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Taste

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There has been a lot of Ken bashing in the integral blogosphere of late, so I just wanted to post a reminder of the KW we used to know and love (well, most of us at least).

It is not quite right to describe One Taste as a "consciousness" or an "awareness," because that's a little too heady, too cognitive. It's more like the simple Feeling of Being. You already feel this simple Feeling of Being: it is the simple, present feeling of existence.


But if I remain in the simple Feeling of Being, what does it matter if a friend gets a new house and I do not? Her joy is my joy, in the simple Feeling of One Taste. What does it matter if a colleague receives accolades and I do not? His happiness is my happiness, in the simple Feeling of One Taste. When there is but one Self looking out through all eyes, do I not rejoice in good fortune wherever it occurs, since it is the good fortune of my own deepest Self? And when suffering occurs anywhere in the universe, do I not also suffer, since it is the suffering of my own deepest Self? When a young child cries from hunger, do I not suffer? When one young husband delights in seeing his wife come home, do I not rejoice?

~ Ken Wilber

Seems as though it has been a while since KW has said anything as centered as this. Maybe I'm just missing his newfound brilliance, but the KW of old used to inspire me in deep ways -- for which I am eternally grateful.

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