Friday, July 21, 2006


Life is good. And it feels important to acknowledge that from time to time, especially after the gratitude posts I did a while back.

I'm working on a new writing project (an 8th grade civics text) that is fun and challenging -- and a nice break from blogging. I'm doing 40-50 section openers, 80-120 words each, relating a current events picture to the content of the section. The year+ that I spent blogging politics and reading Constitutional law is actually paying off -- especially since a lot of the pictures are from things I blogged about in the last year.

I'll also be showing up in a little over a week as a guest on a very fine blog -- more on that as it approaches.

Life at the gym is in its usual summer rut, but the timing is perfect for it to be slow.

The monsoon is here, my favorite time of year in the Sonoran Desert, but the rains have been playing hide and seek with us. It was 110 degrees today and dry as a bone. Our drought is having a drought. But the weather people have tossed a few bones, read some tea leaves, and consulted the Tarot -- they promise a chance of rain tomorrow, maybe.

Finally, in about five weeks we will be going to Nova Scotia for a week or so. I'm looking forward to the cool weather, new landscape, and interesting people. And whales, lots of whales.

What are you grateful for?

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