Saturday, May 13, 2006


IOC went over 10,000 hits today. I'm amazed and grateful. When I first began this blog it was getting a few hits a month, maybe thirty or so. I thought that was pretty cool. I now regularly get hits from Togo, India, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Tajikistan, and Romania.

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It really is a global community.

So I wanted to try to dance with habits and fears today rather than just act mindlessly. Does the thought count? I had good intentions that went out the window as I felt lazy today and did nothing. I watched the DVD of Big Mind, read some blogs, and read some magazines. A very unproductive day. I wish I had been able to bring more awareness to this day, but I am grateful for the rest. Tomorrow is another day. I can try again.

Finally, I am grateful that I got to train a 12-year-old boy for his first experience ever in a gym. He was a good kid with a good attitude. It might be fun to work with kids more often. Made me miss coaching soccer.

What are you grateful for?

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