Friday, May 12, 2006

Another New Poem

Something weird is happening -- I'm writing again. I thought this part of my life was gone forever. This isn't a great poem (nor was the last one), but it's a place to start. If I keep writing new things a few days a week, I might be able to get back into the flow I once knew with words and images.

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Waves of afternoon sunlight
blur the edges of things,
saguaros seemingly soft,
blue sky diffuse,
out of focus.

A cottontail huddles
beneath a cholla, and even
the silly doves are quiet:
so little to be said
when shadows hide
under rocks.

Each deep breath, each
gauzy instant offers a doorway
beyond salty skin,
but I can't release
my grip . . . .

Sweat trickles
down my forehead,
into my brow, stings
my eyes: a subtle pain,
like longing . . .

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