Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Al Gore Beats Hillary in AOL Poll

A new AOL member poll has Gore at 53 percent in a question about who is the choice for the Democratic ticket in 2008.

From Blog for Arizona:
An AOL member poll pitting Gore against Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nod is 53% in favor of Gore with over 350K respondants. The buzz is starting to turn into the Conventional Wisdom that he is the front-runner.

A few more weeks as he bombs the media circuit promoting his film and he'll have extablshed himself as the biggest thing in Democratic poltics at the moment. Then we'll see what he does with it. His advisors are said to be saying that Gore is considering a run.

I don't think an announcement makes sense until the midterms are over. If Gore campaigns for troubled districts with some success, that would be the time to strike with an official announcment.

How amazing would it be to have a leader capable of second-tier thinking?!

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Anonymous said...

why is gore capable of second tier thinking? And what exactly is it?


Anonymous said...

To Erica: You misunderstand. William is saying HILLARY is second tier.

Here's something he wrote on Nov 6, 2005, in a post titled "Is Hillary Clinton the First Integral Politician?":

Is she second tier, as Jean Houston claims? Probably not in any whole-self sense, but if she can think politically in second-tier ways--meaning that she can perceive and value each of the vMemes--then she's probably second-tier enough to defeat any politician who doesn't share that skill.

william harryman said...

Hi Tom,

Actually I was referring to Gore in this post, not Hillary. I haven't presented an argument in support of that view, but I think that Gore has that level of intellectual ability, and better yet, the moral development to go with it. I think Hillary lacks the moral part, which in light of her recent actions, makes her intellectual strengths kind of scary.

She is sucking up to the right so hard that most liberals have abandoned her. She can't win without the base. On the other hand, Gore has the base in his pocket, and he can appeal to independents and moderates. He even can appeal to some of the faith-based crowd with his religious background. He is a Christian in the Green meme sense much more than the Blue, but he can speak a language the Blue meme can understand.

If he decides to run, I'll do whatever I can to elect him.

Gore/Feingold 2008!