Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sounds True Producer's Pick - Ken Wilber on Integral Mapmaking

For those new to Ken Wilber's version of integral theory, his CD collection from Sounds True is one of the best pre-Wilber-5 introductions to his thinking. I found it very useful back when, even though I had read the books. [Wilber-5 seems to begin (and end), approximately, with the publication of Integral Spirituality: A Startling New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World.]

This brief clip from Wilber on his mapmaking process is part of the Kosmic Consciousness collection from Sounds True, in which he is interviewed by Tami Simon. This is kind of nostalgic for me - reminds me of a time when I was still excited by this stuff and I listened to the whole set on a road trip to Flagstaff and back.

Ken Wilber: Integral Mapmaking

Philosopher Ken Wilber is renowned for creating his astonishingly comprehensive integral “theory of everything,” a framework that helps us bring new depths of understanding to any facet of human knowledge and experience. But how does he choose what to incorporate into such an ambitious model? Sounds True producer Matt Licata chose this week’s selection from the audio learning program Kosmic Consciousness because: “Ken gives us a rare glimpse into his very personal thoughts and reflections about creating his integral theory. It’s inspiring to hear how he seeks out each piece of the cosmic puzzle from science, philosophy, psychology, and religion. I feel this audio allows us to connect with Ken on a more personal level than usually comes through in his books.”

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