Saturday, October 08, 2011

TEDxTrieste 2/4/11 - Albrecht von Müller - The forgotten present

More geeky cool stuff for a Saturday morning, via TEDx.
Albrecht von Müller - The forgotten present

Prof. Dr. A. v. Muller is director of the Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking. He teaches philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) and theory of thinking at SISSA (the International School for Advanced Studies,Trieste) where he is also co-director of the international masters program MCA. His two main fields of interest are the phenomenon of thinking and the concept of time. After a PhD on "Time and Logic" at the University of Munich, he worked for many years in the Max Planck Society, taught in parallel at the University of Munich, and was subsequently director of EUCIS (European Center for International Security). He developed the visual reasoning methodology "Eidos" that supports complex thinking and decision making processes and he served as scientific advisor to several governments, supranational institutions and some large corporations. Von Müller is member of two multi-disciplinary research centers at the University of Munich, the Human Science Center and the Munich Center for Neuroscience, partner at the methods and consulting firm Parmenides Innovation, and member of the Board of Trustees of the Max Planck Institutes of Neurobiology and Biochemistry. He is co-editor of the Springer book series "On Thinking".

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