Friday, October 07, 2011

RSA - Value Based Social Change - Exploring new frontiers

Interesting presentation from The RSA.

Value Based Social Change - Exploring new frontiers

Value Based Social Change - Exploring new frontiers

6th Oct 2011
Listen to the audio (full recording including audience Q&A) 
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Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Varun Vidyarthi will not be able to attend. Carl Poll, who coordinates the international chapter of Manavodaya UK, will be giving the lecture in his place. 

RSA Thursday

With shrinking budgets, the global social development agenda is going through a process of rethinking and reformulation. 

Working with some of the poorest and most disenfranchised people, the self-help movement in India reveals a new philosophy and practical approaches needed for a changed paradigm. Achieving sustainable social change calls for a new set of values and systems of working. 

Join Carl Poll, UK Coordinator of the International Chapter of Manavodaya Institute of Participatory Development as he explains how shared values are achieved through self-awareness, dialogue and reflection, and systems are adapted according to local needs and culture, empowering communities to effect their own change.

Chair: Steve Broome, director of research, RSA. 

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