Sunday, October 02, 2011

The State of Integral Theory on Wikipedia

A reader of this blog sent me an email last month asking for assistance in crowd-sourcing a revamp of the Integral Theory page at Wikipedia. Rich offered a list of things to address - he has already done some work to clean it up and make it more neutral (as one might guess, it was very critical).

It would be great if some of you who are experts in one area or another of integral theory could do some work on that particular section - or add it if it is missing. Please repost this if your blog has readers who might want or be able to help.

Here are some areas that need help:
- the main "theory" of Integral Theory is on Ken's page, not the actual Integral Theory page
- there is an overwhelming amount of criticism about its lack of acceptance in academica, which is way over-proportionate to the actual truth of that claim
- overly critical tone of the article, needs to be made more neutral (for example: if it says "i theory has been critisized by some as lacking rigor [cited source]" it should be changed to "i theory has been critisized by some as lacking rigor [cited source], however there are also other voices who do not share this opinion [cited source]."
- there should be whole sections on each integral theory conference and the journal
- there should be a section listing current published books related to integral theory
- there should be sections of current scholar practitioners that are advancing Ken's work
- there should be links to your blog, as well as IL, II, Ken's site, Shambhala's Wilber books, other blogs, etc.
- all the sections such as integral politics, integral art, integral ecology, etc. should be expanded
- there should be sections on the degree programs currently offered in academia and short descriptions of them
- there should be a section on companies or projects that are integrally-informed or explicitly using the integral framework
- and to give it more street cred maybe a line should be thrown in in the overview about how people like Bill Clinton, the Wachowski brothers, etc. are fans of integral theory
- other articles related to Integral Theory should have a link to Integral Theory in their "See also" section (i've added it to a bunch like Postmodernism, Postmodernity, Cultural creatives, etc.)

etc. etc.

And if some of that stuff isn't allowed on the page, that's fine... let the Wikipedia editors remove it if they deem it necessary.

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Olivier Compagne said...

Good idea! The first step would be to move the Theory section from the 'Ken Wilber' page to the 'Integral Theory' page. I've started working on it.