Saturday, October 08, 2011

The New School | The Limits of an Object: Michael Sailstorfer

Nice talk, in a geeky artist kind of way.

Michael Sailstorfer: The Limits of an Object


Public Art Fund Talks at The New School: The Limits of an Object - Michael Sailstorfer

The fall 2011 Public Art Fund Talks series examines the transformative potential of sculpture—its ability to transcend physical form. Inspired by the influence of conceptual art on contemporary sculptural practice, this series explores how the limits of an object can be redefined both literally and metaphorically in the public realm.The series opens with an artist talk by Michael Sailstorfer, who explores the topic in relation to his work. Using a variety of objects and materials—lampposts, helicopters, cars, the forest floor—Sailstorfer creates artworks dealing with states ranging from euphoria to disintegration. Absurdity and comedy play an important a part in his work. In his new large-scale sculpture Tornado, on display in Central Park starting September 20, Sailstorfer transforms the inner tubes of truck tires into dark clouds that swirl above visitors' heads. In Tornado, as in his other works, Sailstorfer uses found materials to create "a transformation machine" that expands the presence of objects beyond what meets the eye. Michael Sailstorfer lives and works in Berlin. He received his MFA from Goldsmiths College, London. His work has been exhibited in Berlin, São Paulo, Paris, and Milan.image credit: Michael Sailstorfer, Raketenbaum, 2008, diptych: diasec on aluminium, museum glass. Courtesy Johann König, Berlin

Public Art Fund Talks at The New School are organized by the Public Art Fund in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School.

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