Thursday, December 17, 2009

Huston Smith - Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Way

Another cool video, this time on Sufism, and The World's Religions author, Huston Smith, offers his commentary.

Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Way

Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Way

Release Year: 1980

Duration: 24 min

Availability: Worldwide

Related: History, International, Life & Culture

Shot in magnificent Islamic architectural settings from Morocco to Turkey to India, Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Way provides a window into the rigorous Sufi schedule of prayer, fasting and study.

Professor Huston Smith, renowned scholar of world religions and author of A History of Man, adds commentary as the camera takes an in-depth look at this gentle, mystical branch of Islam.

It is said that while a Muslim prays five times a day, the Sufi prays without ceasing. This film, shot by Elda Hartley, captures the Sufi quest for deeper meaning in all things, and includes exquisite footage of Whirling Dervishes, endlessly circling in search of God.

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