Friday, July 13, 2007

Speedlinking 7/13/07

Quote of the day:

"Art is science made clear."
~ Jean Cocteau

Image of the day:

~ BETA-7: The Legal Performance-Enhancement Edge for Athletes -- "The edge. In elite competition, it's the difference between first and fifth place. In the gym, it's the difference between 8 reps and 10 reps with the same weight. In the real world, it can be the difference between merely looking "fit" and looking hyper-muscular and lean."
~ The single best exercise for fat loss -- "The kettlebell swing is one of the best, if not THE best exercises for fat loss." With a video demonstration.
~ Asthma Severity Linked To Poor Diet -- "A new study shows that diet may be a key culprit in asthma, a chronic swelling of the airways that affects some 20 million Americans, six million of them children. Researchers report in the journal Chest that adolescents are more likely to experience respiratory problems if their diets are deficient in certain nutrients."
~ Lifestyle Changes, Not Diets, Are Key To Losing Weight -- "Lifestyle changes, not diets, are key to losing weight. It seems that new diet plans are published almost every day. Some of these diets might even help you lose weight. But many diets are so restrictive, either in calories or in variety, that they can be unhealthy in the long term."
~ Top 9 Bodybuilding Recipes -- "We have to warn you - these aren't the typical, "cook 12 pounds of lean hamburger, let cool, and eat" bodybuilding recipes. They actually require a little work and a little finesse, but man, are they worth it."
~ Exercises may curb falls by Parkinson's patients -- "For some people with Parkinson's disease, a personalized home program of exercises and instructions appears to help prevent them from falling, UK researchers have shown."
~ Trimming the waist may trim diabetes, heart risks -- "People who manage to reduce their waistlines may also lower their risk for diabetes and heart disease, a study suggests." Intra-abdominal is the leading indicator for heart disease and diabetes, so this is just common sense.

~ Into the Heart of Fear -- "Fear is adrenaline-infused contractile aversion, manifesting as a mildly to profoundly unpleasant gripping sensation that compellingly and viscerally announces: I am not safe, I am threatened, I am in danger."
~ Loudest Voice = Majority Opinion -- "New research reveals even if only one member of a group repeats their opinion, it is more likely to be seen by others as representative of the whole group."
~ Fishing for a Good Mood -- "A diet high in omega-3s beats the blues."
~ Head and Heart: Deep Sea Fishing -- "Eating fish can boost your mood and heart."
~ Hypnosis redux -- "Thanks to everyone who came along to discuss the neuropsychology of hypnosis last night. For anyone who wants to investigate further, here's more on the psychology and neuroscience of hypnotic states." Links to four articles.
~ Debate Contines Over Uncontrollable Anger as a Disease -- A chronic tendency toward simmering feelings of anger wont to explode in 10-20 minute bursts of untethered rage is not simply a personality defect, it is a certifiable disorder, and new studies reveal that it is far more common than previously thought. Intermittent Explosive Disorder has been in the DSMV for more than 25 years, but has only recently begun to receive the amount of attention it clearly deserves."
~ Audio: Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn Discusses Confidence and Self-Esteem -- "It’s the two famous personal development speakers/writers Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn having a discussion about self-confidence and self-esteem, the difference between them and how to build them both. Definitely recommended listening."
The Courage To Change What You Can -- "Often times we find that we are unhappy with certain aspects of our lives, our selves, our work, or other things. Most people will be unhappy with these things, but will never change them. Why? Because change can be an extremely hard thing to try and consciously make happen. Finding the courage to do so can be scary, and a lot of the time, people would rather remain the same than face the frightening prospect of change."

~ 'Nobody Goes to Hell': Minister Labeled a Heretic -- "One Minister Challenges the Idea of Hell and Loses His Congregation."
~ Overweight child removed from home -- "A mother in northwest England is fighting to get her 8-year-old daughter back after the town council removed the girl because she was extremely overweight." Should this be considered child abuse?
~ Murtha: Bush Is "Delusional" -- "Think Progress has transcript and video of Jack Murtha's appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, whereon he discussed Bush's claims of "progress" in Iraq, and "chaos" if U.S. troops were to withdraw. BLITZER: All right, what do you say to the president? MURTHA: Well, it’s delusional, to say the least. As I said earlier, and you heard me say, it’s a failed policy wrapped in illusion. Nothing has gotten better. Incidents have increased. We’ve had more Americans killed in the last four months than any other period during the war. More Iraqis have been killed. Incidents are up."
~ Bad News in Bush's Iraq Report Card -- "Reassuring grades can't mask the fact that the administration's report highlights the specter of failure."
~ What's the Story With Hillary's Story -- "In the debut of Rhetoric Watch, two speechwriters find a familiar chord in a much-used Clinton anecdote."
~ Smashing Pumpkins Not So Smashing -- "Billy Corgan seems to want to take Smashing Pumpkins back to their early '90s success, but he can’t find the right formula." You can never go backwards. . . .

~ The Vatican to go carbon neutral -- "The Vatican has agreed to become the first entirely carbon neutral sovereign state."
~ Google CEO: Will Fight Viacom Suit -- "Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt says he plans to fight a $1 billion lawsuit from entertainment company Viacom Inc. aggressively, saying the technology company has been obeying the law with its YouTube video-sharing service."
~ Intel, '$100 Laptop' Project Make Peace -- "The nonprofit that aims to seed the developing world with inexpensive laptop computers for schoolchildren has made peace with Intel Corp., the project's most powerful rival."
~ Why We Worry About The Weather -- "Weather still happens to us, but now we all know more about it and the forecasts are more precise. You can plan an outdoor lunch at a New York cafe at 1 pm comfortable in the certainty that the squall won’t arrive until 3. Thanks to the Internet and the Weather Channel and cable news and radio weather on the 8’s, we have a dash of knowledge. Thing is, that just makes us worry more."
~ Scientists Study Livestock Emissions -- "Scientists at eight universities are conducting the largest-ever study of air emissions at the nation's hog, dairy and poultry farms." This is actually a serious issue.
~ Geologists witness unique volcanic mudflow in action in New Zealand -- "Volcanologist Sarah Fagents from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa had an amazing opportunity to study volcanic hazards first hand, when a volcanic mudflow broke through the banks of a volcanic lake at Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand."

~ John Mackey: Yet another nefarious Friend Of Ken? -- "Among Ken Wilber’s 2nd-tier friends are Adi Da, Marc Gafni, Andrew Cohen and John Mackey. With friends like these, who needs Integral Psychology or Integral Economics or Integral Ethics? Speaking of Jonathan Swift, I now consider time spent studying the works of Ken Wilber Gullible’s Travails." See also: John Mackey's Alter-Cyber-Ego.
~ Ancestral Consciousness -- "I have thought of ancestral consciousness (which I believe to be part of the collective unconscious for most) on several occasions over the past six months. The contemplation followed deep intuitions and felt experiences of the pain and hope of our ancestors while in non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). For me, tapping into this stream results in a deep communion with all of humanity."
~ Suffer What To Suffer -- "I have been focusing on the wrong aspects. That much should have been obvious. The way to transmute the poison is not by focusing on how much the poison hurts. Negative intention creates a self-perpetuating recursion zone and further encodes the holographic engram instead of actively opening and releasing it."
~ What's Your Learning Edge? And, "Come Hell and High Water" -- "I was just tagged by Bill at Integral Options Cafe with a challenge to think about this topic that's making the rounds in the blogosphere. I don't know. Maybe I need a new one. The big one for me recently has been a change in media. For more years than I care to remember, I have thought of myself--and practiced--as a writer. For this, I have actually needed no more than a ballpoint pen and a yellow pad--though I've discovered that a computer actually does come in quite handy."

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