Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gratitude 7/10/07

Some things I am grateful for today:

1) I did a 300 workout today for the first time since early May, and it went well:

25x Pull Ups
50x Deadlifts (205 lbs)
50x Bench Press (135 lbs)
50x Bench Straddle Jumps (18 inches)
50x Hanging Knee Raises
50x DB Snatch (35 lbs each arm)
25x Pull Ups

Total time: 31:50 -- which is not bad considering I haven't done any cardio work in the last two months. The DB snatch kicked my arse.

2) I met a young woman today (a new gym member) who just returned from a year in China. She is an International Studies major looking to do a law degree in intellectual property law. She had a lot of cool insights into what is happening in China right now. Very interesting -- it was a pleasure to talk to her.

3) I ordered a new zafu and cushion -- much needed. I tried a bench my friend Susan lent me, but it didn't fit my body well.

What are you grateful for?

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