Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fractal Expressionism -- Jackson Pollock

I found this interesting article that looks at the paintings of Jackson Pollock as an expression of fractal geometry.


Fractal Expressionism

Can Science Be Used To Further Our Understanding Of Art?

Content : Richard Taylor, Adam P. Micolich and David Jonas

This question triggers reservations from both scientists and artists. However, for the abstract paintings produced by Jackson Pollock in the late 1940s, scientific objectivity proves to be an essential tool for determining their fundamental content. Pollock dripped paint from a can on to vast canvases rolled out across the floor of his barn. Although recognised as a crucial advancement in the evolution of modern art, the precise quality and significance of the patterns created by this unorthodox technique remain controversial. Here we analyse Pollock's patterns and show that they are fractal - the fingerprint of Nature.

If you like math and art, check it out.

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