Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michael Moore vs. Sanjay Gupta

Yesterday, I posted video of Michael Moore ripping CNN and Wolf Blitzer a new one over their "misrepresentation" of his movie, Sicko.

Apparently, last night, they had Moore back to debate Sanjay Gupta on Larry King Live.

Via: VideoSift

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DoubleCinco said...

If I could overlap this post with what I am grateful for from your post yesterday:
I am grateful that Michael Moore and his ilk will not be intimidated nor silenced.
I am grateful for the absence of car bombs and mass murder in my community, state and country.
I am grateful that I have stillness available to me, both inside and out.
I am grateful that I am neither hungry nor homeless, halt or lame or incapacitated by the chronic illness I manage.
And I am grateful for those that love me and the transcendence I experience in the authentic human relationships I am so fortunate to have.

Thanks for asking!