Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gratitude 7/12/07

Today was an interesting day.

I had a brief but very crucial conversation with my first client of the day, my friend Mary, that helped me clarify some things about what is important to me. I'm grateful for her wisdom.

Later I had another interesting conversation with some clients, a husband and wife, in which they basically called me out on my lack of presence of late. Certainly, the depression I have been dealing with (which is improving) has gotten in the way of my work, which is something I was trying to pretend wasn't happening -- but it is. It was really helpful to hear their feelings, which they presented with extreme tact and compassion. I'm grateful for their courage in talking to me.

Finally, I heard from an old friend this morning. She is someone I once dated briefly -- and one of the few of my exes I have stayed in touch with. Considering that I was an ass back then, I am grateful that we are still friends. It was good to hear from her -- we are in similar places in our lives relating to writing.

What are you grateful for today?

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