Thursday, December 14, 2006

Speedlinking 12/14/06

This morning's image is called Thor's Helmet, from

~ Breakthrough hailed as study shows circumcision can halve HIV risk.
~ Treating Insomnia With Over-the-counter Sleep Aids, Herbal Supplements: AASM Position Statement. "Sufficient evidence does not exist to support over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids as an effective treatment for insomnia." And, "There is only limited scientific evidence to show that herbal supplements are effective sleep aids."
~ Detailed 3-D Image Catches A Key Regulator Of Neural Stem Cell Differentiation In Action.
~ Putting Perspective On Autism: A Symposium In Honor Of Dr. Isabelle Rapin And Her Numerous Contributions To The Field.
~ Year-round contraception safely ends periods -- But Do Women Need to Have Periods? looks at the evolutionary element.
~ Study Detects Recent Instance of Human Evolution -- the ability to digest lactose is new in East Africa, as in the last 3,000 years.

~ New Warning for Young Adults Taking Antidepressants. "The [FDA advisory] committee recommended that the "black box" warning on the medications concerning the risks to youngsters be expanded to include people up to age 25."
~ "I'm not a racist, but...", or why automatic stereotyping happens: Part 2.
~ Fear of Intimacy in the Bedroom -- "Familiarity - or too much intimacy - can kill passion, making casual sex more exciting than committed sex for some people."
~ Psychologist Helps Children With ADHD Make Friends.
~ From Mike at Unknowing Mind: Heedlessness is Just Holding Things as Certain.
~ The Heart Sutra goes mash up.

~ U.S. confidence at new low on Iraq war. Other info from this poll includes potential candidates for 2008 -- Hillary leads Obama by almost 20 points and Guiliani leads McCain by four [PDF here].
~ Senator Wants Universal Health Care Plan. I voted for Ron Wyden once upon a time, this is why: "Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden offered a plan he said would provide affordable, private health care coverage for all Americans, except those covered through Medicare or the military."
~ Christopher Hitchens tells us Why Women Aren't Funny in the January 2007 Vanity Fair.
~ A smart guy looks at Satan's perfect food: Tofu!
~ In case you need a laugh: Ann Coulter waxes pathetic on SURRENDER BY ANY OTHER NAME ...
A quote: When did "B.C." (before Christ) and "A.D." (anno Domini, "in the year of the Lord") get replaced with "BCE" (before the common era) and "CE" (common era)? "Withdrawal" is "redeployment," "liberal" is "progressive," and "traitorous" is "patriotic." I think that was in the same memo that included "bimbo" will henceforth (I love that word) be "Coulter," as in, "Check out the coulter at the bar."

~ HIV/AIDS Brought Global Health Into 'Sharp Focus,' Opinion Piece Says.
~ Nobel Prize winner Mohammad Yunus in Stockholm: The Secret of Grameen Bank.
~ plaNYC: A Sustainable New York by 2030.
~ Organic Denim for the Sustainable Fashionista.
~ Greenprint Denver -- "Mayor Hickenlooper [has a] citywide 5-year plan to integrate sustainable development and ecologically-friendly practices into city programs and the community at large, and from all indications on its website, Denver is poised to become a leader in energy efficiency."
~ Why a hydrogen economy doesn't make sense -- From Ray Kurzweil's site.
~ Spare Power Sufficient to Fuel Switch from Gas to Electric Cars.
~ Local, organic, fairtrade: Better for the environment?

~ From Huy at Integral Institute: Creating a new world together.
~ From Steve Frazee, formerly of I-I, and his last post on his time there: The Wizard and the Shadow.
~ From Joe at Until: When someone's ill, who owns the story? This is inspired by the recent desire among integral bloggers for info on KW's health.
~ Alan Kazlev has created The Integral movement - new page at Integral Wiki.

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