Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last Words On Integral Institute From Steve Frazee

This is the last post on the whole Ken Wilber thing from Steve Frazee. He has decided that it only serves ego to continue posting on I-I and the behind the scenes reality he experienced. Here is the money quote:

A friend suggested I deeply reflect on exactly what I need to communicate about I-I to have closure. She basically said, "say it and move on." She made a great point. This is my final post relative to anything I-I or Ken Wilber.

...and after much thought, I realize that I've already written most of what I need to say. Giving additional detail around the Multiplex, Salons, etc. isn't really necessary and is more destructive than constructive. It is time for me to move on and have new adventures in this wonderful world!

Personally, even though I can understand his decision, I wanted to see some transparency brought to the situation at I-I. It certainly won' t come from those still inside the organization. Those of us who have supported the organization as members from the beginning feel a little frustrated, I think.

Some of the parting words:

I suggest to the rest of you what I suggest to myself. Take Ken's books, read them, and use the map towards your work in the world. Do it yourself. Do it now. Start your own organization, movement, or whatever. Maybe that is the best way to say thank you to Ken for what he has given us.


Unknown said...

WH, I very much agree with your sentiments here. I wish Frazee would continue to post -- even if his ego and a bit of knife poking is involved.

It is appropriate to get more information out to the public about the disorganization and misrule at I-I.

An intervention is necessary to save Ken from believing he's THE one-and-only Wrathful God. Too bad his closest associates are all hovelling sycophants.

Truly, I don't think that Ken has anything more to contribute to Integral in his lifetime. It is not future books of Ken's that anyone needs to read, just the old ones. Ken, like Freud, spent his wad, and the future belongs to the the counterparts in Integral of Jung, Rank and the gang.

Goodbye, O Ken. May your retirement be long, restful and include much recreational travelling.

Unknown said...

BTW, I understand that Ken is drafting a post casting Frazee as the Wicked Witch of the East. A house lands on Frazee, his ruby slippers are removed and his legs curl up and disappear. It's all rather ghastly.

All the munchkins awake wearing zaadz T-shirts. Colin instructs Dorothy to follow the turquoise-brick road to City of Integral Spirituality.

william harryman said...


Yeah, I don't think Steve sees it that way. He might have issues with I-I, but he seems to want to take the high road. I can respect that.


Unknown said...

Yeah, well, the high road is much overrated.

Unknown said...

A great poem by WILLIAM HARRiston suggests the merits of the low road: "I'll get to Scotland before ye."