Friday, December 15, 2006

The 20 Funniest Videos of 2006

From, the 20 funniest videos from this year. All of them are political, which makes sense since this is the political humor site. Which one is your favorite and why?

1) Stephen Colbert Roasts Bush
Watch the video of comedian Stephen Colbert's biting "tribute" to President Bush at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

2) Bush Meets Bush Impersonator

Watch a video clip of President Bush appearing alongside Bush impersonator Steve Bridges at the 2006 White House Correspondents' dinner.

3) 'President' Al Gore on Saturday Night Live
Al Gore addresses the nation as if he were president in this hilarious Saturday Night Live clip.

4) Daily Show: The Decider
It's time for another installment of "The Decider," featuring President Bush as a comic book hero.

5) SNL: A Special Message from Nancy Pelosi
Watch an amusing skit from Saturday Night Live spoofing House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi.

6) Frank Caliendo's Bush Routine
Comedian Frank Caliendo does a spot-on impression of President Bush's various idiosyncrasies in this clip from the "Late Show With David Letterman."

JibJab's Year in Review: Nuckin' Futs
JibJab looks back at 2006 with another in a series of great animated cartoons, this one featuring elementary school children singing about political figures such as Dick Cheney, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Saddam Hussein, and pop icons such as Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, and Lance Bass.

8) George Bush Drunk?
Has Bush been drinking again? Watch this funny video clip from the "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" and judge for yourself.

9) Rumsfeld Rolls a Joint at the Podium
The Late Show with Craig Ferguson has a little fun at Rumsfeld's expense.

10) Daily Show: Cheney's Got A Gun
The Daily Show reports on Dick Cheney's shooting accident, in which Harry Whittington became the first man gunned down by a sitting vice president since Alexander Hamilton.

Jay Leno Interviews Dick Cheney
Jay Leno scores an interview with Dick Cheney and asks the questions FOX News Channel's Brit Hume was afraid to ask.

12) Dick Cheney, The Notorious VP
Watch a funny spoof video from HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher," featuring "Dick Cheney, The Notorious VP."

13) Colbert's Election-Night Meltdown
Colbert: "The people have spoken. And apparently they're tired of freedom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed -- I thought this country would last longer than 230 years. That's it, folks, America's over."

14) The Simpsons' Iraq War Satire
Watch a clip from The Simpsons' annual "Treehouse of Horrors" Halloween special, featuring a biting satire of the Iraq war.

15) The State of the Union Is Good Enough
George W. Bush vows to cut taxes and stay the course in a preemptive parody strike on the 2006 State of the Union address.

16) Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the Emmys
Colbert to Emmy audience: "Good evening godless sodomites."

17) Mark Foley IM Reenactment
Watch a dramatization of Mark Foley's instant message exchanges with an unidentified male teen, presented by the comedy troupe Invisible Engine.

18) Last Laugh '06: Re-Elect Congressman Brisbane
Rob Corddry impersonates a family values congressman as part of of Comedy Central's "Last Laugh '06."

Classic Rumsfeldisms
Watch video clips of memorable Donald Rumsfeld quotes.

20) Daily Show: That's All Folks
The Daily Show bids farewell to the 109th Congress.

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