Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Speedlinking 12/12/06

This morning's image is from The Fairest:

~ "Erectile Dysfunction" Drugs Heighten Natural Anti-Cancer Activity -- well, that's an unexpected plus.
~ Question of Strength, December '06. Q & A with one of the world's premier strength coaches,
~ New Nanomechanical Method For Detecting Disease- And Treatment-Relevant Genes. "Innovative technique offers new possibilities for matching drug treatments more closely to patient needs."
~ Smoking Worsens Knee Osteoarthritis -- as if you need another reason to quit.
~ Blame Our Evolutionary Risk Of Cancer On Body Mass.
~ Huntington's Disease Linked to High Brain Cholesterol.
~ After Lung Cancer Surgery, Nearly Half of Patients Resume Smoking. How dumb is that?

~ Making a Financial Turnaround -- Steve Pavlina lays out the plan -- and it's all about how you think.
~ From ebuddha: Realizing Who You Are, on the nondual.
~ Hints and Tips for Reducing Stress in your Life.
~ Being Grumpy Can Hurt your Heart -- I'm screwed.
~ Spiritual Interventions Do Not Help Recovery, But May Relax Heart Patients.
~ Depressed Patients Think 'Supportive Talk' Helps. And, Five Self-Care Strategies For Depression.

~ Grave Beneath Church May Be St. Paul's -- yeah, sure, you betcha.
~ Seattle Airport Removes Christmas Trees -- just what Bill O'Reilly needs, fuel for his "war on xmas." Rabbi Gelman looks at it here: Gellman: Seattle’s Insane Tree Debate.
~ Is Religion a Barrier to Truth?
~ From The Zero Boss: Rev. Paul Barnes: Another Pastor Goes Down - Literally!
~ From Tom at Thoughts Chase Thoughts: The Brouhaha over the Word 'Nigger'.
~ Clinton-Obama Ticket Stirs Fear in GOP -- that would be interesting.
~ Fine-Tuned Deception: Say hello to the new stealth creationism.
~ Counterculture, Cyberculture, and Worldchanging.

~ Business 2.0: How to Succeed, from ~C4Chaos.
~ The Week in Sustainable Mobility.
~ Towards the Question of Urban Farmers' Markets.
~ In Epochal Shift, Half Humanity to Become Urban.
~ Nissan Planning New Fuel-Cell Vehicle for Early 2010s.
~ 'Greenest' U.S. City Faces Same Problems as Others -- even Eugene (OR) struggles to be green.
~ Grist biofuels series shifts into future tense.
~ Microbots Designed to Swim Like Bacteria.

~ From ebuddha: Bootstrapping Integral Community Centers.
~ Integral theory ain't easy to write about.
~ Gagdad Bob at One Cosmos is reading Wilber's new Integral Politics posts. Here are two of his posts on the topic: Thy Wilber Done and Let's Hear it for Dead Amber Males. So, does Bob get it or not?


Unknown said...

Thanks, O Kind Bill, for the link.

H. Lewis Smith said...


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