Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Technical Difficulties & Lessons

It seems Earthlink was down most of the morning, and when it went down it blew out my DSL modem, so that when it came back on I still had no access to the world. There's a big technical band-aid fixing that for now, until a new modem arrives, so I'm back.

When my technology lets me down, I get very angry. I want my internet and I want it now. For four hours this morning (clients canceled) I wanted to get online and blog, and for four hours before I went to the gym I had to sit with my anxiety about not getting to do it.

It was a good lesson in trying to breathe through hard feelings. I have very little patience for things not working on my schedule, so it was a tough morning. But it points me toward one of the things I really need to work on -- simply accepting the world as it is when I can't change it.

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