Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Speedlinking 11/15/06

Morning image, the Crow Constellation, is from the Hubble Telescope:

~ The Training Split Roundtable, Part II, with Alwyn Cosgrove, Chad Waterbury, and Christian Thibaudeau.
~ Sustained Reduction Of Type 2 Diabetes Achieved With Simple Lifestyle Interventions. Once more, with feeling: diet and exercise.
~ People With Knee OA Could Be Just A Few Pounds Away From Relief. Lose weight and your arthritic knees will feel better.
~ One of the chocolate lovers out there: Chocolate addiction lead to sweet discovery. Eating a little each day can help cut risk of heart attack, researchers say. Moderation, everyone, moderation.
~ Energy zapped? Try these tips to help you pick up the pace.
~ 15 INSTANT ENERGY BOOSTERS. I vote for #10 being adopted as the reference standard.
~ High Blood Glucose Responsible For Over 3 Million Deaths Worldwide.

~ Studies Look At How Genes Affect Antipsychotic Drug Response. "While we know a great deal about the pharmacology of antipsychotics like risperidone, there is still much to learn about their influence on cognition and brain function, as well as how genetics affect overall medication response."
~ Researchers spur growth of adult brain stem cells. "Researchers have found a way to spur the growth of neural stem cells in the brains of adult mice with an eye toward harnessing the brain's innate capacity for repair to help people with diseases such as Alzheimer's."
~ Even Baby Boomers Suffer From Eating Disorders.
~ Research Says Massage May Help Infants Sleep More, Cry Less And Be Less Stressed. Also seems to help with mother-child bonding.
~ Doing Without Feeling. "Having introduced the idea of the emotional unconscious in the last post, I am going to dive straight into some of the research which attempts to prove its existence."
~ Memories: It's All In The Packaging, Scientists Say.
~ From My Insights: A Fundamental Problem in Theoretical Psychology: Intelligent Performance.

~ Smokers, obese should pay more health insurance: poll. The poll definitely reveals a cultural bias against ~ smokers (more so) and the obese (less so). I blogged on this yesterday.
~ Traditional Books Provide More Positive Parent-Child Interaction. Good old paper-based books promote better bonding than e-books and other formats.
~ The Last Antiwar Poem. "Rolf Potts considers the enduring impact of Allen Ginsberg's 1966 poem "Wichita Vortex Sutra," and the way it speaks with jarring relevance today as America grapples with war, the uses of terror and the limits of language in a political world."
~ The Online Beat: What Feingold Wants to Do Now.
~ Prayer: Intention or Attention? An article from Deepak Chopra's Intent Blog.
~ From Sam Harris: The Case Against Faith. Religion does untold damage to our politics. An atheist's lament.

~ Companies vow to rein in kid junk food ads. It's a good thing when they agree to monitor themselves.
~ Paul Braund: The Business of Technology and Development.
~ Serving Up Energy Efficiency, Market-Style.
~ Making the government own up to its contribution to global warming. Good luck with that.
~ Sweden Leaves Smallest Global Warming Footprint. I could live in Sweden, too bad the language is so strange.
~ CyberTran: Ultra-light rail for cities and suburbs. Cool.
~ Climate change ravages land and livelihoods of Kenya's nomadic herders. But it's just Africa, so who cares, right?
~ Norwegian Hunters Kill 546 Minke Whales in 2006, Just over Half of Quota. Bastards.

~ The Diversity of the Integral movement from Alan Kazlev at Open Integral.
~ ebuddha looks at Joe Perez's recent work in Joe Perez - Integral Stations.

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