Monday, November 13, 2006

Speedlinking 11/13/06

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Happy Monday!

~ The Dream Team: 5 Best-for-You Foods: Foods you should be eating... but probably aren't! The list includes two of my least favorite foods -- sardines and kale.
~ Do you know how many calories you're sipping? Find out if your drinks are diet savvy or making you flabby.
~ Last 10 Pounds Food Plan. The last ten is always the hardest.
~ Clogged Arteries Showing Up in Kids. Yeah, that's a good sign.
~ Healthy fast food and trans fats. Can you trust the fats food people to tell you the truth?
~ Gray’s Anatomy: A classic medical textbook online.

~ Happy People Are Healthier, Carnegie Mellon Psychologist Says. It's all about good hormones.
~ Patient's Worldwide Bill Of Rights For Eating Disorders Demands Proof Of Results. Eating disorder treatments are all over the place, so this would be a good thing.
~ Mysterious 'neural Noise' Actually Primes Brain For Peak Performance. "The brain's cortex uses seemingly chaotic, or "noisy," signals to represent the ambiguities of the real world--and that this noise dramatically enhances the brain's processing, enabling us to make decisions in an uncertain world."
~ 5 To 7 Year-Olds More Attracted To Lucky Individuals Than Victims Of Bad Luck. Aren't you, too?
~ Seat Of Emotions In Brain May Also Contribute To Higher Cognition.
~ APA President Offers Some Advice for Beating Seasonal Stress, Depression.
~ Higher IQs Protect Kids From Traumatic Events. It appears that high intelligence helps limit PTSD in kids.
~ Dashh at Anxious Living posts Internal and External.

~ Which American ethnic group is the most spiritual?
~ Transexual Islam. You'll have to read this for yourself.
~ Classical Music Meets the Alternative Scene. An article about the underground classical music tradition.
~ Bush and Rove Blew the Election on Purpose? Or maybe they're just dumb.
~ After the Triumph, the Tribulations: Actually running Congress may make winning it look like the easy part.
~ Why I'll Always Wave The Flag of My Father. "This flag isn't just decoration. It's a tribute to my dad, a proud American veteran and my hero."
~ Feingold Won't Seek Democratic Nod. Damn.
~ Ryan at Integral Awakening linked on to this cool site for Buddhists.
~ Mike at Unknowing Mind blogs on 90,000 Subtle Gestures to practice in Buddhism.

~ Poor Pakistanis donate kidneys for money. These people are so poor that they will sell body parts, which goes against their Muslim faith.
~ 'Obscenity' of carbon trading -- this is an editorial.
~ Defending National Wildlife Refuges.
~ What is so great about social democracy anyway?
~ Green big business.
~ Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense. Web 3.0 is coming.
~ Cheap, Superefficient Solar.

~ Lord, Give Us Integral, But Without the Hype from Frank Visser.
~ Integral Esotericism, part I from Alan Kazlev.
~ The New Atheism is Not So New and It's Very Partial from ~C4Chaos.
~ New stuff from the Integral Spirituality Center.

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