Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Speedlinking 11/14/06

Morning image is from The Fairest, again:

~ The Training Split Roundtable: With Alwyn Cosgrove, Chad Waterbury, and Christian Thibaudeau.
~ Low Carb-Diets Focusing On Vegetable-Based Sources Of Fat And Protein May Reduce Risk Of CHD. Bandwagon jumpers, with a keen sense of the obvious.
~ Reducing The Risk Of Diabetes. Yep, diet and exercise.
~ It Can Be A Hard Day's Night For Weight-Watchers On The Late Shift. Graveyard messes with hormone levels and makes weight gain easier and weight loss harder. Good nutrition is crucial.
~ Opinion: Study That Links Red Meat to Breast Cancers May Be Overblown. Lots of headlines promote link between red meat and breast cancer -- here is some common sense.
~ Snail toxin may help nerve pain relief. Nature is so damn cool.
Human natural painkiller beats morphine.
~ Eat Fish, Avoid Dementia.

~ The Relaxation Response: It is a simple 10-minute routine that can be used daily to reduce stress.
~ Fear of fear a risk to mental health.
~ Rediscovering The Emotional Unconscious. "In this post I'm moving onto a psychologist whose study of the emotions has been extremely influential: Joseph LeDoux."
~ J. G. Ballard, The Psychologist. "Few novelists, though, worship at psychology's altar with the vehemence of J. G. Ballard."
~ Evidence That Subliminal Is Not So 'Sub'. "The popular notion of subliminal information is that it streams into an unguarded mind, unchecked and unprocessed. However, neurobiologists' experiments are now revealing that the brain does consciously process subliminal information and that such processing influences how that subliminal information is perceived."
~ How The Brain Weaves A Memory.

~ Hizballah Plays Politics in Lebanon: "The Shia group's resignation from the cabinet could bring down the country's shaky government and threaten its fragile stability."
~ Rove Sells Election Spin; Some in GOP Aren't Buying. "White House political architect Karl Rove is back on the offensive, offering an aggressively positive spin on last Tuesday's elections."
~ Howard Dean for President. Come on, join the bandwagon for Howard Dean for president. I liked him the last time around.
~ New Congress Unlikely To Address Issue Of Uninsured, Opinion Piece Says. Great, more do-nothings on the biggest issue facing many Americans.
~ Do Children Attribute False Beliefs to God?
~ Social Exclusion Changes Brain Function And Can Lead To Poor Decision-Making.
~ AP: Giuliani takes step toward '08 bid. Well, now, that'll pull the right more toward the center.

~ Prospects for climate action in Congress. Good luck with that.
~ Warming May Drive Gender-Bending Reptiles Extinct, Scientists Say.
~ How much does economic growth matter anyway?
~ Turns out hydropower may not be as low-carbon as we thought.
~ Alternative Energy Isn't Always Expensive.
~ Wal-Mart goes 'green'. "The world's largest retailer reports on its big experiment in environmental awareness, an endeavor that could burnish its image and sales."

~ Joe Perez at Until muses on the future of integral blogging.
~ ebuddha shares his thoughts after finishing Integral Spirituality.

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