Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If You Care, BuyBlue

Want to do your part to save the world? Vote with your wallet. My friend Zoe turned me onto this site -- BuyBlue -- where you can research companies to see where they stand politcally and environmentally.

This is the site's tagline:
Stop supporting companies that don't support your values.
Reward companies that have a triple bottom line:
People, Planet and Profit.
Here is their mission statement:
Mission Statement
BuyBlue.org supports businesses that share our progressive values and ideals. We believe in a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. BuyBlue.org uses our power as consumers to vote with our wallets, supporting businesses that abide by sustainability, workers' rights, environmental standards, and corporate transparency. At the same time, BuyBlue.org focuses sharply on businesses that violate the essential values of a sustainable, fair and profitable society through their policies and the politicians they support.
Among other things, the site offers a link for those who want to get involved after seeing Al Gore's An Incovenient Truth.

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