Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun With Fundies

Every once in a while, I stop by Fundies Say the Darndest Things! for a good laugh (and to feel morally and intellectually superior, of course). Here are a couple of items I found this morning.
Let me give you something real simple so that a child can understand it. DNA code is made up of ACGT. The A here is the first letter in the alphabet. It is the beginning and DNA is also the beginning of everthing that is living. C stands for Christians. It is the Christians that are here to deliver God's message to the world. G of course stands for God. It is God who is expressing Himself in the DNA and thus God is expressing Himself in Creation. The T of course expresses God and the head or in His leadership over man. There is a lot that can be said about this, but now is not the place. If you have a small t then of course you have the cross that Jesus gave Himself for us. If you have a small g you will see that God has expressed Himself in us. The small c of course represents our humility before God. If we have pride or ego or are puffed up before God, then it is not going to work according to God's plan and purpose. The small a of course shows how things start off small in the beginning and over time they become greater. A journey of 1000 steps begins with one step. A study of the Bible begins with one word and one passage at a time."

Christian Forums [Comments (51)] [2006-Jul-01]


"Believe it or not many commercials have very liberal overtones and hidden messages that one would not pick up on unless one was actually trained at doing so or used to seeing. I recently saw a commercial where two men were grilling steaks outside on a patio. This commercial seemed innocent enough, but when I saw it the second time around, I noticed the two men were closer than normal and all throughout the commercial there were kids there, but no women. Get the point?"

Rob Hood,
The Conservative Voice [Comments (28)] [2006-Jul-04]


"I wish all of those of the Arab faith....death

A horrid death...the type of death that makes Arab Women when raped. cey... the most horrid sounds when their sons are killed...and to see their entrails on the street. The horror of devils...that when they die, they are to face US soldiers..over and over and over again.

Death is a good thing...for Arabs."

FreeConservatives [Comments (40)] [2006-Jul-05]


[This one is my favorite.]

"Here are my top three favorite questions to Evolutionists:

1. Explain evolution in light of a 6000 year universe - (Genesis 1).
2. Since God pronounced His Creation "very good" in Genesis 1:31 - why the need for Evolution?
3. Since Jesus didn't believe in Evolution - (Mark 10:6; 13:9) - why should we?"

Christian Forums [Comments (33)] [2006-Jul-07]

See, now don't you just feel so much smarter and more educated? I do. My ego is all inflated and feeling good about itself.

Am I any different from these folks when I'm going on about Integral Theory and thinking I have the answers? Probably not.

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