Sunday, August 03, 2014

Neurobiology for Dummies w/ Frank Amthor, PhD (Brain Science Podcast 110)


Frank Amthor, PhD, is the author of Neurobiology for Dummies (2014), the follow up to his popular Neuroscience for Dummies (2011). He is the guest on the most recent edition of the Brain Science Podcast, hosted by Dr. Ginger Campbell.

"Neurobiology for Dummies" (BSP 110)

July 26, 2014 / Ginger Campbell, MD

Frank Amthor, PhD

Frank Amthor's latest book Neurobiology for Dummies isn't just for readers who are new to neuroscience. In this excellent follow-up to his Neuroscience for Dummies Dr. Amthor discusses a wide variety of brain-related topics. Since I have known Frank for several years it was a special treat to interview him for BSP 110. We talked about a wide variety of ideas ranging from what makes neurons special to how brains differ from current computers.

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