Saturday, September 14, 2013

Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference - Tucson, April 21-26, 2014 (20th Anniversary)


Looks like an excellent conference this year - with some seriously cool plenary speakers. Among the names announced so far: John Searle, Daniel Dennett, David Eagleman, Christof Koch, Ned Block, Susan Blackmore, and Rebecca Goldstein (among others).

I hope to attend as much of it this year as my hectic schedule allows.

Toward a Science of Consciousness

The Tucson Conference - 20th Anniversary

April 21-26, 2014

It was 20 years ago today......

Plenary Speakers TSC 2014 bios / photos including:

  • Susan Blackmore
  • Karl Deisseroth
  • Rebecca Goldstein
  • Henry Markram
  • Petra Stoerig
  • Ned Block
  • Daniel Dennett
  • Stuart Hameroff
  • George Mashour
  • Giulio Tononi
  • David Chalmers
  • David Eagleman
  • Christof Koch
  • John Searle
  • and many more....

Toward a Science of Consciousness - 20th Anniversary
The Tucson Conference - April 21-26 2014

Scientists, philosophers, researchers, scholars, artists and humanists are invited to the 20th Anniversary of the first Tucson conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness” held in 1994. The 2014 conference will reflect on 20 years of progress, present understanding and future directions in the science of consciousness.

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